About Manga Addiction

Manga Addiction is owned by me, Cat, and I can be reached at:

In college, my manga collection basically became a manga library to my friends, and making a site listing everything was the easiest way for them to see what I had. I later realized how handy it was for myself. I often forget how far into a series I've bought, so looking it up on my own site helps me make sure I don't accidently buy a duplicate. Sometimes I order from work, and my manga is also in 2 different places (my parents' place and mine), so I can't always look to check. Though people don't really borrow my manga anymore, I keep this site up for my own organization sake.

I'd also like to stress again that the manga listed are ones I physically own a copy of. This is not a list of all the manga I've read, and it does not include any scanalations. I've been getting several e-mails asking me to share "scans" of my manga so that they could read it, and I'm not willing to scan my manga like that.

About the layout

This layout was made very quickly, so it did come out super simple. It features a scan of Misaki from Junjo Romantica, volume 10, when he's obsessing over a manga series. It seemed perfect for this site ;) The pattern used is from SquidFingers.


All series on this site are created by and copyrighted to the mangaka that is listed next to them.

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